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Wonho leaves MONSTA X following controversies

Starship Entertainment has released their full statement

Starship Entertainment has announced that Wonho will be leaving MONSTA X and the agency thru an official statement.

According to Starship’s statement, MONSTA X will continue to promote with 6 members, starting today. Wonho wanted to avoid causing further trouble to the group following recent controversies and rumors that Wonho was in.

The agency further stated that they will take legal action against malicious rumors that will result from the matter.

Wonho also shared a handwritten letter to fans in which he apologized for “not being able to keep the promise that I would only provide good memories and for causing pain to fans”. He also thanked his group members, and confirmed the sad news that he is leaving MONSTA X today.

MONSTA X recently made their comeback with new album FOLLOW – FIND


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