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5 reasons why you should witness IU’s HEREH in Manila (Bulacan) | #GETHYPED

Be part of a history among Ma-aenas, as the feeling of being there is really, really different.


As the Korean singer-songwriter-actress returns to the Philippine shores for her 2024 IU H.E.R.E.H World Tour in Manila (Bulacan) at the Philippine Arena this June 1, nearly five years after her very first Manila stage debut in 2019, IU (or Lee Ji-eun) is going to enchant her Philippine fans with her angelic voice and charms once again – but this time, it would be at the world’s largest indoor arena to date. She will be the first Korean soloist to stage a concert at the illustrious venue.

And in case you still don’t have tickets for the show, you can still snag a few limited tickets through, and also read our article here about what you need to know from the show: IU HEREH World Tour in Manila (Bulacan): Ticket prices, seat plan, and more

Now with that out of the way, let’s proceed to the reasons why you should witness IU’s H.E.R.E.H here in the Philippines.

It’s been nearly FIVE YEARS since her first concert here

IU was all smiles when she heard the very loud cheers as she entered her stage for almost four hours during her “Love, Poem” concert in Manila on December 13, 2019. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

If you’re present at IU’s 2019 “Love, Poem” concert held at the Araneta Coliseum, I think you’re lucky enough as tickets for that show got sold out in less than four hours! And as someone who’s there, I’ll say that it’s one Friday the 13th that isn’t scary at all but left a beautiful memory that lasted till this day. So this means, this show is long-awaited, highly-anticipated among UAENAs and Ma-aenas out there!

Listen to her angelic and enchanting vocals LIVE!

As someone who’ve heard IU’s live vocal already last 2019, I would say this alone is the very reason one should think of to attend this show. Hearing her sing live is an absolute delight to the ears, very relaxing and enjoying – it was like a roller-coaster ride in terms of emotions, to be honest. Imagine hearing “Love wins all” live at that large arena – it will be goosebumps all over there once she hits those notes.

Three-plus hours of the concert will not be enough

Last 2019, IU’s show lasted for almost four hours, and I swear, that feels still not enough as IU has so many hit songs you all want to hear those live – unfortunately, there will be some omissions, but I guess it’s for her new songs to replace some of her old ones. Every minute of it is worth it, in my opinion.

Hear the Philippine Arena or the Ma-aena Chorale LIVE, too!

At her previous concert in Manila, IU hilariously admitted defeat to her Manila crowd with their loud cheers and screams that even pierced through their in-ear monitors. For sure, this time – those screams will be much louder for IU. Oh, did we say that we usually don’t do fan chants alone, we do sing along to the entire song sometimes. And for IU and her team, that’s a one-of-a-kind crowd that they aspired to have on their other shows, too, as the energy is unmatched and sustained towards the lengthy show.

Create long-lasting memories with #TeamArena or #TeamConcert or whatever

You know what’s the difference between #TeamConcert and #TeamBahay (house) that angers me the most? It’s that the concert-goers get to create unforgettable memories with IU themselves, while those who aren’t there don’t stand any chance. Yes, you can get to watch fancams from the sneaky heads who disrespect the no-recording policies and still record for us (thank you, but still, please don’t next time), but the feeling of being there is really, really different.

It’s something that you can be proud of and you can think every single time you’ll see IU on-screen. And since it’s the second time she will grace Manila for a concert, let’s make sure that IU will never forget the existence of MA-AENAs, and once again leave a great impression about how great Filipino fans are, as always.



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