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Here’s 8 irresistible songs from NCT127 that will have you singing and dancing to the beat | #GETHYPED

Get ready to sing and dance with NCT127’s irresistible tracks!

Are you ready for more of NCT127? We got you covered!

NCT 127 is returning to the Philippines for their third tour, “NEO CITY: THE UNITY – BULACAN“, which will take place on January 21 at the Philippine Sports Stadium. Here’s a way to get you all excited: recommend songs from one of NCT’s powerhouse sub-units that you’ll add to your playlist and listen to on repeat until the show.

And with that, here are 8 songs that will have you singing and dancing to the beats and harmony of NCT127 (in no particular order and with no guarantee of them performing it live).

Fact Check

This track from their 5th album will surely make you move to the beat and will make you sing “Check the facts, go check that” out loud!

Cherry Bomb

Who’s the biggest hit on the stage? It’s NCT127 with one of their iconic tracks that will make you do the “leg split” part. Many boy groups and even girl groups have performed dance covers of this song.


This electronic groovy track will show the superhuman in you! The music video features the members’ charisma and showcases the unique abilities and strengths of each member in the group while conveying a message of unity and the power of dreams.


Kick It

Can’t get enough of the iconic “Puku puku pow pow” line from this song? If you haven’t heard of it yet, take a listen and you’ll understand why.

Fire Truck

Did you know that this track is almost 8 years old? This track will make you dance to the beat as it will give you a cool and refreshing feels to combat the hot summer.

Favorite (Vampire)

This is by far my favorite track from NCT 127 because it immerses you in their music in a melancholic environment. The song is like a love note to someone as the members express their emotions while creating and singing it on stage.

Be There For Me

Regardless of the weather, this song will provide you comfort, reassurance, and warmth. This also gives you a “connection” with the members of NCT 127, who will be there for you.

Angel Eyes

Feel the joy of listening to this 80’s pop-style song that will make you clap your hands while singing along with the members.

NCT 127 3RD TOUR ‘NEO CITY: BULACAN – THE UNITY’ is made possible by SM Entertainment, Dream Maker Entertainment, IN2UNE Entertainment, and DNM Entertainment.




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