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BTS announces online stream Bang Bang Con 21, taking place on 17 April

BTS will be holding the 2021 instalment of their “Bang Bang Con” on 17 April, with a total of three shows to be streamed.

BTS just dropped a date for the 2021 instalment of their live stream show — Bang Bang Con 21. 

A live stream of the septet’s pre-pandemic shows will be available for fans to party and chill out to. It is slated to take place on 17 April and will start at 3PM KST.

The last online streamed Bang Bang Con took place a year ago in April 2020. Then, the whole world was kept at home because of the pandemic. 

The 2-day live stream was not solely intended for fans to reminisce of live events. It also allowed them to seek solace from the septet’s music in such trying times.

For the coming show, a total of three shows will be streamed. They are the BTS Live Trilogy Ep. 1 BTS BEGINS (Memories of 2015), 5th Muster [Magic Shop] in Busan, which happens to be lead vocalist Jimin’s hometown.

The last is the band’s 2019 Speak Yourself World Tour in Sao Paulo.

BTS performs in Sao Paulo’s Allianz Parque stadium for their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” world tour. Photo: Bighit Entertainment/HYBE Corporation

In other news, the septet have recently teased the release of their new Japanese album “BTS, The Best”. It will drop on 16 June.

BTS also released their first Japanese single which hit the U.K. charts, “Film Out”, on 1 April.

Watch the music video below.



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