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HORI7ON wins “Foreign Rising Star” Award at the 11th Korean Wave Awards

Congratulations HORI7ON on your newest achievement!

HORI7ON winning the "Foreign Rising Star" Award at the 11th Korean Wave Awards.

HORI7ON members Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Racer, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus makes another milestone this year as they achieved the “Foreign Rising Star” Award at the recently held 11th Korean Wave Awards at the Baekbeom Kim Goo Memorial Hall on December 2.

Five months since their debut in July with their first full-length album “Friend-SHIP”, the rising global pop group showed their charms and talents through various music shows. HORI7ON expressed their gratitude saying:

It is truly an honor to receive this award. Our efforts feel even more worth it. We will grow as a group with music and refreshing charm that anyone can relate to.

HORI7ON also received the “Global Artist of the Year” Award at the PPOP AWARDS 2023 and “AAA Focus Award” at the 8th edition of the Asia Artist Awards 2023, both recently held in the Philippines.

HORI7ON winning the “AAA Focus Award” at the 2023 Asia Artist Awards in the Philippines.

The global pop group has confirmed that they are preparing for their comeback in January 2024 and will show a brand new side of the group that their Anchors (their fans) should look forward to. – HallyuLife



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