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Lay Zhang Unveils New Single “Psychic” Following Global Success of “Run Back To You”

Asian megastar Lay Zhang is set to captivate the music world once again with his latest single, “Psychic”.

In the wake of the global success of “Run Back to You” with Lauv, Asian megastar Lay Zhang is set to captivate the music world once again with his latest single, “Psychic”, 2024 through Warner Music China, “Psychic” is the second lead single from his highly anticipated English album set to debut this year.

This release underscores Lay’s commitment to his international audience, offering English, Chinese, and Korean versions of the track, signaling the expansive journey ahead with this album project. Crafted by the collaborative genius of Lay, Rykeyz, Sean Douglas, JHart, and Kyle Reynolds, with Grammy-nominated Rykeyz at the helm of production – a producer renowned for his work with Skip Marley, H.E.R., SAYGRACE, Demi Lovato, Chris Brown, and Bebe Rexha – “Psychic” is a testament to Lay’s artistic evolution. The track is a vibrant fusion of high energy, garage, and bass rhythms, and R&B chordal movements, marking a significant milestone in Lay’s global music career. Rykeyz’s production expertise, honed across various genres and notable collaborations, brings a unique depth to the song, blending diverse musical elements to create a sound that’s both innovative and resonant. Lyrically, “Psychic” delves into the realm of predestined and magical connections, exploring themes of intense understanding and anticipation that border on the psychic.


Continuing his global music journey, audiences are transported to Dubai, where the music video was filmed, featuring an eclectic mix of cast and crew from more than 20 different countries. With “Psychic”, Lay invites audiences on a journey of artistic exploration and global connection, promising a track that not only showcases his musical versatility but also his ability to bridge cultures and languages through his art.

The video is a visual odyssey as Dubai’s stunning and diverse landscapes lend itself perfectly to the story, showcasing Lay’s mesmerizing dance performance, weaving through spellbinding landscapes in pursuit of a narrative that echoes the song’s exploration of magical connections. Shot over two intense days, the video showcases the city’s rich culture, across diverse areas including the Dubai desert, The Lost Chambers Aquarium (featuring underwater immersive passages), Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood (key heritage site), The  Green Planet (Dubai’s very own tropical rainforest), and even features Lay doing his own stunt and special effects to create falling scenes through the iconic cityscape of Burj Khalifa and Atlantis, The Palm. The music video is directed by Los Angeles-based director Andrew Donoho, who has previously worked with artists including Twenty-One Pilots, Bella Poarch,, Janelle Monáe, Paul McCartney and more. Known for his ‘dreamlike’ approach, ability to marry dance with cinematography and seamlessly combining digital and physical realms through expert visual effects, Donoho felt like the perfect fit to bring Lay’s vision to life.

Released through Warner Music China, “Psychic” is poised to be a pivotal moment in Lay’s career, further establishing him as a global music icon. “Psychic” will be available on all major streaming platforms from April 17th 2024, marking a new chapter in Lay’s illustrious career and offering a glimpse into the musical journey that lies ahead.

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