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IZ*ONE to return with new mini-album on June 15

Adding to the list of K-pop acts having June comebacks!

Korean girl group IZ*ONE is joining the list of K-pop acts having June comebacks, as their agency Off The Record Entertainment has announced that the girl group will return with a new mini album on June 15.

According to their post on IZ*ONE official fancafe, IZ*ONE is now currently working with the album’s last-minute preparations, as well as choreography exercises.

IZ*ONE’s previous release with their first full album BLOOM*IZ last February was deemed a huge success, as the Produce-48 born group came out from a scandal that almost threatened their careers.

This subsequent release in a short amount of time just after four months proved that the expectations for the group is still strong.

On the other hand, news about their movie ‘EYES ON ME: THE MOVIE’ has first hinted their June comeback, with previous reports saying that the girl group will return with a release alongside the movie’s release. This news seemed to confirm just that.

Finally, the agency asked IZ*ONE’s fans to continue supporting the group as they prepare themselves to meet with WIZ*ONE with a cooler appearance.


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