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ICYMI: Jeon Somi grabs her very first win as a soloist with ‘What You Waiting For’

Jeon Somi suddenly broke her first win trophy unintentionally with a cute reaction that got everyone in awe.

Jeon Somi grabs her first-ever music show win as a soloist with ‘What You Waiting For‘ on Mnet’s M Countdown on August 6.

Jeon Somi places first with a total score of 6,776, followed by ATEEZ in second place with 6,500. Jeon Somi said:

Thank you so much for first place! Thank you to my fans, family, and Tedddy and more.

In the ending stage, Jeon Somi sips some lemon then suddenly broke her very first music show trophy unintentionally. This makes her reaction so cute, even the fans got worried about the award and goes in awe with her cuteness.

Watch Jeon Somi’s first win performance on Mnet’s M Countdown dated August 6:

Jeon Somi recently releases her single ‘What You Waiting For‘ on July 22.


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