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Here’s the recap of performances and special stages at the 2020 KBS Song Festival!

On Friday, December 18, 8:30 PM KST is the 2020 KBS Song Festival where the brightest K-pop stars perform and connect with fans from around the world.

With more than 20 artists performing, you can also see special stages ‘across time and space’. This year’s song festival will be hosted by TVXQ Yunho, ASTRO Cha Eunwoo, and Shin Yeeun.

Here is the performances recap at the 2020 KBS Song Festival (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE):

TWICE’s Opening Performance:

TWICE kick-off the 2020 KBS Song Festival with a performance of their 2017 hit track ‘Signal’. Some may think that this is their only performance but take a look at their next performances afterward.

ENHYPEN’S KBS Song Festival Debut Stage:

ENHYPEN makes their KBS Song Festival stage debut with their alluring performance of ‘Given-Taken’.

aespa’s Fierce Performance:

aespa also makes their KSF debut stage with their debut track ‘Black Mamba’.

ITZY’s Impactful Stage:

It’s time for ITZY as they give a powerful and impactful performance of their KSF version of their hit track ‘Wannabe’.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s ‘Hug’ + ‘Blue Hour’ Performance:

Tomorrow x Together starts their stage with a performance of a 2011 hit track ‘Hug’ from TVXQ.

They also performed the dance version of their latest track ‘Blue Hour’.

NCT x Stray Kids x MONSTA X Special ‘Rap’ Stage:

NCT kicks off the special stage with Taeyong and Mark rapping the track ‘Dragon’. Followed by the rappers from Stray Kids to drop the beat as Bang Chan and Changbin raps ‘Mischief’ and ending it with MONSTA X Joohoney and I.M’s turn to drop the mic with a rap performance of ‘No Competition’.

MOMOLAND’s ‘Ready or Not’ Performance:

MOMOLAND is ready to give their ‘pow’ performance of ‘Ready of Not’.

A Strong Stage with The Boyz:

The Boyz hits thea stage with a strong performance of their latest track ‘The Stealer’.

Enter IZ*LAND with IZ*ONE:

IZ*ONE gives us a blooming stage with their hit track ‘Fiesta’ and their latest track’ Panorama’.

JESSI X GOT7 Jackson’s Special Stage:

Jessi sings and dances to her hit track ‘NUNU NANA’ with a special rap appearance from GOT 7’s Jackson.

Sul Woon Do x The Boyz Fun Stage:

Move and groove as The Boyz and Sul Woon Do dances along to the track ‘Love Twist’.

Kim Yonja and MAMAMOO Solar’s Special Stage:

Two generations come together as Kim Yonja and MAMAMOO Solar sing and dance to the track ‘Bling Bling’.

(G)I-DLE’s ‘Oh My God’ Performance:

A (G)I-DLE performance that will make you say ‘Oh My God’.

Stray Kids’ Mascular Performance:

Stray Kids gives us a mascular performance of BTS’ track ‘Dionysus’ along with their hit track ‘God’s Menu’.

An adorable ‘maknae’ special stage:

It’s another special stage featuring the maknaes of each group. (G)I-DLE Shuhua, ITZY Yuna, IZ*ONE Wonyoung, and Oh My Girl Arin performs an adorable version of Apink’s hit track ‘I Don’t Know’.

ASTRO’s Knocking Performance:

ASTRO’s stage kicks-off with Moonbin & Sanha’s performance of ‘Bad Idea’.

ASTRO also performs their hit track ‘Knock’.

Gfriend’s Jaw-Dropping Performance:

It’s Gfriend’s turn to give us a jaw-dropping performance of their hit track ‘Appple’.

Paul Kim’s Ballad Stage:

Paul Kim serenades us with his track ‘Every Day, Every Moment’.

Lee Sisters’ Special Dance Stage:

After waiting for a collaboration, the sisters IZ*ONE Chaeyeon and ITZY Chaeryeong gives us a special dance performance. IZ*ONE Chaeyeon performs Taemin’s ‘Criminal’ while ITZY Chaeryeong performs Chungha’s ‘Roller Coaster’ and the Lee sisters perform a dance performance together of Lady Gaga’s track ‘Rain On Me’.

Oh My Girl’s Colorful Performance:

From their colorful outfits, Oh My Girl performs their chart-topping tracks ‘Dolphin’ and ‘Nonstop’.

NU’EST’s Classy Performance:

NU’EST performs next with their classy style stage for ‘I’m in Trouble’.


Being the group with a huge number of members, NCT U kicks-off their stage with their student-style performance of ‘Class’ and ‘Misfit’.

NCT 127 kicks-off another stage with their hit track ‘Kick It’.

Hey yo, listen up as NCT performs their biggest track ‘RESONANCE’ with all 23 members.

Stand Together with MONSTA X:

MONSTA X gives us a raging performance of ‘Stand Together’ and their latest track ‘Love Killa’.

The Retro King & Queen:

J.Y.Park and Sunmi performs together on stage once again. JYP performing his hit track ‘She Was Pretty’, while Sunmi performs her Wonder Girls’ track ‘Nobody’ and her recent track ‘pporappippam’. JYP and Sunmi then performs their collaboration track ‘When We Disco’.

MAMAMOO’s Concert Experience:

MAMAMOO Hwasa starts their concert-like stage with her track ‘Maria’, followed by MAMAMOO’s performance of their latest track ‘AYA’.


GOT7  gives us an all-out performance of ‘Out’ and ‘Last Piece’.

9800 x 2B2U Special Stage:

This special stage starts with the ladies as GFRIEND SinB, Oh My Girl YooA, IZ*ONE Eunbi, and ITZY Ryujin performs their 9800 version of NCT U’s track ‘Boss’.

Followed by GOT7’s ‘Hard Carry’ performance of 9088 members  ASTRO Moonbin, NCT Shotaro, The Boyz Juyeon, and Stray Kids Hyunjin.

TWICE’s Special Surprise Stage:

TWICE is back on the KSF stage as they perform a Christmas version of ‘MORE & MORE’ and ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ with a mix of English and Korean lyrics.

Taemin’s Ideal Stage:

SHINee Taemin’s cool performance of his hit tracks ‘Criminal’ and ‘IDEA’.

Life Goes On with BTS:

BTS is the last performer in this year’s KBS Song Festival. They start their stage with a performance from their 2015 track ‘I NEED U’.

It was then followed by BTS’s hit and chart-topping track ‘Dynamite’.

BTS ends their stage with an inspiring message along with their motivational hit track ‘Life Goes On’.

Singing All-Together:

All the K-Pop artists who performed at the 2020 KBS Song Festival sing-along to their finale track for the ‘Romance’ to the fans from all-over the world.

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