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Mnet’s KINGDOM wows fans with a spectacular Performance Film, featuring the competing groups’ dancing aces

Hold on tight as these six legendary performances blow your eyes away!

The fight for the crown is just getting started, and Mnet’s KINGDOM: Legendary War spices up the competition with a special dance performance by the competing groups.

Namely, The Boyz’ Juyeon, Stray Kids’ Lee Know, ATEEZ’ San, BTOB’s Minhyuk, SF9’s Taeyang and iKON’s DK, went all out in their specially-choreographed dance moves. On February 23, the groups went on a live introduction stage which was streamed on their YouTube Channel and marked the pre-start of the show.

Meanwhile, the groups’ respective fandoms brought their support through social media, and campaigning to stream only the official videos to be released by KINGDOM and Mnet. The show will officially air their first episode on April


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