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Red Velvet’s Seulgi confirmed to make her solo debut

This will be Seulgi’s first solo in 8 years since debut.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is planning to make her solo debut this October, according to a report by Korean news outlet Newsen on September 6.

SM Entertainment confirmed this in response to the reports by saying, “Seulgi is preparing for her first solo album with the aim of an October release. Please show lots of interest.”

Seulgi will be the third Red Velvet member to make a solo debut since their debut in August 2014 as a group and after Wendy and Joy had their solo debuts in 2021. Seulgi is part of Sm Entertainment’s K-pop girl group Red Velvet. The quintet girl group made their debut in 2014 alongside members Irene, Joy, and Wendy, with Yeri joining them in 2015.

Red Velvet released countless hits since then, from their debut track ‘Happiness’, to well-known tracks such as ‘Red Flavor’, ‘Dumb Dumb’, Peek-a-Boo’, ‘Bad Boy’, Psycho, and more. The girl group also made their successful comeback in March this year with ‘The ReVe Festival 2022’, with the title track “Feel My Rhythm”.

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