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Stray Kids drops a scenic music video for their B-side track ‘The View’

The View is an endearing song to motivate everyone to pursue their dreams.

The massive success brought by their second album NOEASY and their main track ‘Thunderous‘ is not yet over, but Stray Kids doesn’t stop leaving their fans in awe as they drop a scenic music video for their B-side track ‘The View‘.

The awe-inspiring B-side track talks about the beautiful ending after a long hardship. They also used the line ‘I like the view right now,’ figuratively, which could mean the view as in their fellow members as they look at them; their beloved fandom, STAY; or the success that they are currently facing today.

Be as it is, The View offers a refreshing sound that diverts from the intense and powerful tracks like Thunderous, Domino and Wolfgang from their second album.

Stray Kids recently celebrated their third music show win with their main track, and their seventh win in total as of this writing. –


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