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Stray Kids’ new track ‘Thunderous’ resonates loudly in their second studio album

Stray Kids’ new track resounds all over the world.

Stray Kids‘ new hit track ‘Thunderous‘ gains massive attention as it resonates loudly in their second studio album entitled ‘NOEASY‘.

Their historically-inspired music video featured a mix of modern hip-hop clothing amidst a traditional Korean setting. More than two hours after its release, the music video already hit 2  million views on YouTube.

‘Thunderous’ is part of their second full-length album ‘NOEASY’ with 13 sidetracks including three new songs from their SKZ SONG CAMP ‘Howl in Harmony‘ namely Red Lights, Surfin’, and Gone Away.

Their comeback marks the end of their KINGDOM WEEK, a week-long series featuring the group, which they won from the idol competition show KINGDOM: Legendary War. With their return, they recorded over 830,000 pre-orders, making them the leading fourth generation boy group to do so.


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