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Super Junior made their Super Show 9 in Manila extremely special – here’s what went on | #ShowRewind

The 2-day concert was made much more special as the K-pop legends fulfilled their promise to return after their postponed August concert.

Super Junior during their performance at their Super Show 9: Road in Manila concert at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City, Philippines last December 17. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

Super Junior made their Super Show 9 in Manila extremely special – here’s what went on | #ShowRewind

MANILA – Last December 17-18, Super Junior staged the ninth installment of their “Super Show” world tour series, four months after abruptly postponing their supposedly August 6th date here in Manila. However, they faced their fans at that time to apologize and promised to return.

As the last “Super Show 9” of 2022, the K-pop veterans have appeared once again on the Manila stage for two days this time, making it a first in Manila history to have a two-day Super Junior concert – and here’s what transpired on those two days at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Opening the stage with their song “Burn The Floor”, Super Junior surprised everyone by dancing with red ribbons and hand lights, which look similar to hand mime. They followed it with an intense performance of their song “The Crown”, genuinely showing their status as one of the Hallyu kings.

Super Junior followed it with the songs “SUPER” and “Mr. Simple”, one of their iconic tracks, which made everyone in the arena sing and cheer in unison.

After these breathtaking performances, the group briefly stopped for a moment to greet the crowd, stating one by one that they were glad that they were able to return and had kept their promise to one another – that is, to return here and see all of their ELFs again this year as a whole, delivering the Super Show that they have prepared.

Super Junior also performed the tracks “2YA2YAO!”, “Ticky Tocky”, “Paradox” and “Mystery”, while the K.R.Y sub-unit, composed of members Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung, performed their track “I Can’t”, which provided a heartwarming moment across the entire set. It was then followed by all the members singing the track “Believe”.

The momentum continued as they performed the tracks “My Wish” and “Callin”, which were first heard on the Manila stage last August 6th, however, the atmosphere during this moment is very different compared to that time – there was happiness in everyone’s faces.

Making their Manila return truly special, Super Junior performed their recently released track “Celebrate” for the first time in front of the Manila crowd – they even recorded it for both days and shared it with everyone through their YouTube channel, showing even audiences’ reaction and their vocal prowess.

Super Junior once again showed their variety versatility and fun side, when they appeared on stage as supposed-to-be classical musician gods, competing on who’s best all while treating the audience to special versions of the songs “SPY”, “MAMACITA” and “ROKKUKO”, all while seemingly joking but still managed to leave us impressed (and our jaws dropped).

After that dose of entertainment, Super Junior continued giving energy to the crowd with their performances of the tracks “Latte”, “House Party”, “Everyday”, “Wonder Boy” and “Let’s Dance”, all while the members constantly moving from the main stage to the extended stages and at the same time interacting with the audience, giving all-out fan service to the ELFs.

The group then spiced up the stage with performances of their tracks “Devil” and “Mango”, while D&E (Donghae and Eunhyuk) performed as well their tracks “B.A.D” and “Danger”, keeping the high energy momentum till the rest of the sets.

Super Junior triggered nostalgia again when they performed back-to-back some of their hits, namely “Sorry, Sorry”, “Bonamana” and “Black Suit”, which made nearly everyone stand up, sing and dance as these staple tracks became somehow part of every ELF’s core memory.

As they went on to their encore, Super Junior performed the tracks “More Days With You” and “Walkin”, which triggered the emotions as it signified that the night is coming to a close.

Before they proceeded to perform their final song, Super Junior paused to deliver their closing remarks, filled with thanks and promise that they will return and meet their Filipino ELFs as soon as possible (they’ve all hinted for a 2023 return!) and knowing them, it’s really possible as they are continually holding every stop of their Super Shows in Manila ever since the first one in Manila (Super Show 2) was made possible by promoter PULP Live World in 2010.

And for their final song, it’s actually the one that sets the two-day concert apart, as for the first day, they performed the track “Happiness”, while on the second day, they made it more special as they perform another of their newest track “White Love”.

As someone who has been an ELF for some time already, seeing Super Junior in the flesh will be always a treat for my K-pop heart. While the August chapter made me respect them even more, the December chapter of their Manila Super Show 9 would probably linger more in the memories of many ELFs out there, with the phrase “fulfilling the promise” as the main tagline, ultimately proving that the bond between Super Junior and their fans were indestructible and time tested.

One of the last K-pop concerts this year, Super Show 9: Road in Manila was presented by PULP Live World and Happee Hour, and is organized by Label SJ, DREAM MAKER, and SM Entertainment. 

HallyuLife would like to extend its gratitude to them for inviting us to be part of this event. #SS9inManila

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