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TWICE Mina stuns fans with a surprise Melody Project

Mina’s feathery-light vocals and clear falsettos are a definite masterpiece!

Nation’s girl group TWICE treats fans for an early Christmas gift with Mina‘s surprise Melody Project on December 19, midnight.

The group’s talented ballerina and visual ace covered American singer-songwriter SIA‘s 2017 track ‘Snowman‘, featuring her angelic voice. Throughout their debut, Mina has been known for her unworldly feathery vocals and clean falsettos that resonates charm within the group. Her rendition of the song brought a different type of sweetness that hints a warm and melancholic holiday feels.

Melody Project is TWICE’s solo members’ side-project that started way back in 2016 to showcase each of their individual abilities, particularly in singing, as evident in the past Melody Projects where the girls cover their chosen English tracks.

Mina is the fourth TWICE member to release her Melody Project this year, following Dahyun and Chaeyoung’s ‘Switch to Me‘ collaboration in February; Tzuyu’s ‘ME!‘ in June; and Chaeyoung’s ‘Off My Face‘ in


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