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WATCH: Hwasa drops first mini-album with a jaw-dropping MV for ‘María’

Stand up and shine with Hwasa’s hottest track!

MAMAMOO Hwasa is back with the release of her first mini-album ‘María‘ with the title track of the same name on June 29.

Hwasa’s first mini-album ‘María’ has seven tracks which include the title track of the same name. It also includes her solo debut track ‘Twit’. Plus, ‘Kidding’ which is produced by Zico, and ‘I’m Bad Too’ featuring DPR LIVE. The title track tells a message of being hurt but crying it out loud and standing up once again.

Take a look at Hwasa’s photos for her mini-album ‘María’:

Hwasa recently releases her solo debut track ‘Twit’ in February 2019. –


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