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WATCH: TWICE releases ‘Seize the Light’ world tour documentary trailer

TWICE shows you the behind the scenes of their struggles and success of their first ever world tour

TWICE releases a teaser trailer on April 9 for their first ever documentary ‘TWICE: SEIZE THE LIGHT’ featuring their first world tour ‘TWICELIGHTS’.

The documentary movie will show the struggles, including the behind the scenes, all the way to the success of their world tour dedicated to all ONCE’s around the globe.

Here’s the trailer of ‘TWICE: SEIZE THE LIGHT’:

‘TWICE: SEIZE THE LIGHT’ will stream new episodes on YouTube Originals every Wednesday starting April 29 11pm KST.

BTS also released their documentary ‘BTS: RUN THE STAGE‘ featuring their world tour ‘2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE:THE WINGS TOUR’. The same documentary is dedicated to all ARMY’s around the globe. –


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