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WM Entertainment artists B1A4, Oh My Girl, and ONF to hold online family concert this September

Get ready to witness B1A4, Oh My Girl, and ONF in one stage as WM Entertainment holds its first online family concert!

WM Entertainment announces that they will be having their first family concert ‘Hello WM ONTACT LIVE 2020’ on Vlive this September 4 AT 9 PM KST.

The upcoming WM Entertainment family concert will feature all of its artists including B1A4, Oh My Girl, and ONF. They have also prepared special collaboration stages, as well as unique stages that everyone must watch.

Prior to the upcoming concert, B1A4 released their single ‘A Day of Love‘ in January 2019, Oh My Girl released their chart-topping tracks ‘Nonstop‘ and ‘Dolphin‘ in April 2020, and ONF recently released their album ‘SPIN OFF‘ along with its title track ‘Sukhumvit Swimming‘. WM Entertainment artists also released their Christmas track ‘Timing‘ in December 2018.


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