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Xdinary Heroes returns with a rebellious streak for their first comeback with “Test Me”

Xdinary Heroes comes back to dominate the music scene!

After seven long months, JYP Entertainment’s rookie boy band Xdinary Heroes returns to the music scene with a rebellious streak for their first comeback, ‘Test Me‘.

The six-member band plays with their music in their first mini-album ‘Hello, World!‘, invoking different vibes but still retaining that signature young-rock attitude.

Their mini-album consists of six tracks, including their main track ‘Test Me‘ and its instrumental, ‘Knock Down‘, ‘Sucker Punch!‘, ‘Strawberry Cake‘, and ‘Pirates‘.

The group also incorporated a futuristic concept with a superhero-inspired theme as they try to battle out the villain in their music video. Their main track ‘Test Me‘ is about proving their worth when nobody sees it.

Xdinary Heroes first made their debut with ‘Happy Death Day‘ on December 6, last year. This would be their first comeback and music this year as well.

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