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How did Korean entertainment change my life?

From being an extremely introverted human being to becoming a sociable living thing.

Editors’ Note: This piece contains opinions of the author and doesn’t reflect the opinion of the whole HallyuLife team.

Perhaps you are somewhere outside of Korea and is accustomed to your own country’s form of entertainment – whatever it could be – it should have one meaning, and it is being provided with amusement or enjoyment.

I used to be a lame being who just stays home, watching local dramas and listening to music made by my fellow countrymen. I don’t engage in any artists’ activities such as concerts and fan meets. I don’t even do them since I don’t know how to talk to others by that time.

However, things have changed, and I’m starting to get tired of our own country’s entertainment. I don’t enjoy them much already, the thrill and excitement is already gone, and I am not amused anymore to the point that when I see celebrities from my place I don’t even bother to take a picture with them.

It started when some dramas and music from our artists became lame and similar. The plot of the dramas became boring, normal and predictable, while most mainstream music became simple (except that I still love some indie artists who produce absolute great hits). Most artists in our country nowadays were not actually singers, but they get to have an album, and what’s weird is that – they do even get it Gold or Platinum Record certified.

Now that you have heard my point already, you may continue reading as I will lead you to the points about how Korean entertainment have changed a big aspect of my living.

1. I started to learn more about life

What most dramas and movies are now about are things that aren’t realistically happening and doesn’t depict anything about life, focusing more on fictitious things which would confuse the heck of every single being who watches the said drama/movie. I won’t drop any movie or drama name, but I think you already know it to yourself which one I am talking about.

When I watch movies and dramas, I always look on a different perspective rather than just the plot and its production qualities. While I already applaud Korean movies and dramas on the former, I do applaud them on this thing which I think is more important than everything else – and it is to convey a message and lessons to its viewers.

The lessons are in the form of scenes which would depict the reality of most things a human being would encounter, and while there are some clichés, that just makes the thing even more exciting to watch. It teaches us about how people should be treated, how to love, and vice versa. In short, it answers many how-to questions about life.

2. I started to respect artists more than ever

No job is easy, and that rule also applies to every artist/entertainer out there. While most artists on our country don’t train like any Korean idols or actors, I started to appreciate their work more and more. As I learned about how they deal with every shoots, performances and everything else, I realized that I am not even in the right position to bash them nor don’t care about them whatsoever.

Yes, they might be earning more than what you do, but consider their efforts and talents worth as well.

3. I became deeply interested in Korea and its culture

I know, every K-Drama and K-Pop stan wants to go to South Korea and experience those things they see in their favorite dramas and movies themselves. Yes, I do now share the same mindset with you guys.

I started to study Korean language, know more about their food, the places, and further things about Korea which you wouldn’t believe that I’m already curious of.

Thanks to those K-Dramas and variety shows which also shows how beautiful the Korean culture is, and how they make it exciting to fans like us who live outside of the land of the morning calm.

4. I got to the point that I already ditched local and replaced it with Korean entertainment

I know, this might start a heated argument but let me explain first. On my country, the issue of patronizing local is very hot that you won’t even want to touch that topic, however, the case is I started to enjoy Korean entertainment more, as it satisfied my craving for more.

As a content creator myself, I also learn more when I watch them. I learn so many things that I haven’t learned before – and this reason enough, would justify my whole argument about this. I’m also learning Korean right now, so I think completely focusing on Korean things would be a great booster on my learning.

One struggle that ‘international fans’ might relate with me is waiting for subtitles on each and everything that goes out in Korea. Unless it is in English, yes, we have no choice but to wait. Thankfully I started to learn Korean more as time goes by, and understand some of it even without those subtitles.

5. I started to get social and talkative

Now that the interest is shared by many people around my country, I don’t feel being a mere low-key fan anymore. I started to go out and go into K-Pop concerts, fan meets, gatherings and whatever. Even a small event about Korean pop or culture can poke my interest and doing my best in order to not miss it.

Even if I get tired, I’m enjoying every bit of it unlike before, and in life, what I realized is that you should enjoy every bit of it – promise, if you’re not watching anything Korean-related right now – you’re missing a LOT.

With that said, I don’t instill hate on your local entertainment and get it completely replaced by Korean’s. If you continue to enjoy them, just continue. Like what I’ve said, local artists from my country still have my respect, but I now respect Korean artists more than ever, as they tend to entertain me in a way that some of my local entertainers have failed to do so.

It’s just a matter of personal preference, anyway, and I don’t like to brainwash you to just watch pure Korean entertainment and struggle on not completely understanding it. I’m just sharing my thoughts, anyway.

My only realization is that changing your life completely involves a lot of things to change with.


So what do you think? Did K-Drama, K-Pop, K-Shows or just Korean entertainment changed your life, too? Let us know and discuss it in the comments section below!



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