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How’s the all-Filipino pop group HORI7ON after their debut in South Korea?

Here’s what HORI7ON is up to after their debut, so far.

HORI7ON during their press conference for their upcoming 1st Concert "FRIEND-SHIP Voyage To Manila" at Novotel in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines last September 7, 2023. HALLYULIFE PHOTO

MANILA – All-Filipino global pop group HORI7ON held a successful event for their first-ever concert in the Araneta Coliseum last September 9, 2023!

Prior to their big night, the group consisted of Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus, met the media at a press conference held on September 7 that was hosted by VJ Ai, and shared their experiences and challenges, as HORI7ON after debuting last July 24, 2023.

Here’s what HORI7ON is up to after their debut, so far!

1. Performing in the big dome? A dream come true.

HORI7ON leader Vinci admitted that he’s not taking seriously the thought of performing in the Araneta Coliseum before, but now that they debuted, and their first concert will happen at the big dome, the surreal feeling was surely now taking all over them.

“When we were training back then, isa ‘yun sa isang parang mindset-imagination things na parang ‘Isipin niyo nasa Araneta kayo.’ Parang dati isip isip lang but now it’s finally come true and I’m so happy for HORI7ON.”

2. PH ANCHORs, HORI7ON missed you!

Aside from Filipino foods that HORI7ON missed including sinigang, adobo, and biko, one thing that the majority of them missed was the unending support of their Filipino fans.

Winston cited that the high spirit they’ve been receiving whenever they perform is like an instant energizer for them making HORI7ON to have their motivation doubled.

Vinci added, “Habang nandoon kami sa Korea, nagru-root talaga sila and consistent ‘yung pag-trend sa social media. They’re just in touch pa rin kahit na malayo kami.”

3. HORI7ON Training Process

“Training in general is really hard,” Marcus confessed. He added they had so many things to adjust to during the preparation of their debut song SIX7EEN, including the 5-second worth [choreography] of SIX7EEN for 2-3 hours to make it perfect and on point.

Vinci revealed that in the early stages of their practice, Marcus started crying due to overwhelming feelings.

4. Kyler’s Birthday Prank

In one of the episodes of HORI7ON’s vlog ‘100 Days Miracle,’ the members planned a prank for Kyler’s 21st birthday. During the press conference, Kyler shared that he felt confused and pressured at that time, but he still managed to compose himself. He didn’t cry during the prank, but cried afterwards when it was revealed that it was a prank as he appreciated the effort of his members for his special day.

You can watch the whole birthday prank for Kyler here:

5. How HORI7ON Uplift Each Other

Just like how the members comfort Marcus during his first breakdown in early training days, Winston highlighted that being there emotionally for each other is important during downtimes. They always hug each other to extend their comfort and support when they’re dealing with a tough situation.

6. Favorite Tracks in the Friend-SHIP Album

With 21 tracks in HORI7ON’s Friend-SHIP debut album, VJ Ai asked the members which track/s in the debut album was their personal pick. Check out their faves!

  • Kyler’s favorite track was ‘SIX7EEN’ because for him, it’s where it all started.
  • For Winston, he considered the song ‘Mama’ a special track since it was inspired by their handwritten letters to their mother.
  • Kim’s favorite songs are ‘Lovey Dovey’ and ‘SIX7EEN’
  • The track ‘How You Feel’ in collaboration with Lapillus Haeun was fun to make, according to Marcus.
  • Vinci’s favorite track is ‘Death or Paradise’ since it has a different vibe and it’s an opening verse for HORI7ON and what they have more to offer.
  • Reyster’s personal picks are ‘SIX7EEN’ and ‘Death or Paradise’ since he’s into the sexy type of music genre.

7. OPM Song Covers by HORI7ON

Even though HORI7ON already debuted in South Korea and currently has its own music, they shared that they still listen to Filipino songs.

Kyler’s favorite song is ‘Isa lang’ by Arthur Nery, while South Border’s ‘Ikaw Nga was picked by Kim, and Jeromy’s chosen OPM song was ‘Paraluman’ by Adie.

Check out some of the members OPM covers!

REYSTER singing ‘Leaves’ by Ben&Ben

MARCUS singing ‘Habang Buhay’ by Zack Tabudlo.

VINCI singing ‘Raining in Manila’ by Lola Amour!

WINSTON singing ‘Biyahe’ by Josh Santana.

8. What’s Next for HORI7ON?

HORI7ON leader Vinci said that right now they are focusing more on promoting their songs in the Philippines. He added that after their September 9 concert, they will be staying here in the country for a while.

Aside from this, HORI7ON dreams of having a world tour in the future to showcase what the Philippines can offer.

9. Leading in The ‘Asia Artist Awards’

This year’s Asia Artist Awards 2023 (AAA) will be held in the Philippines on December 14 and HORI7ON is nominated in the male category – and as of September, they are leading!

“AAA is really one of the biggest events ever and just seeing our name on top is super duper surreal for me. I never knew the day will come that we will have a chance to perform on such an important stage.” Maknae Marcus thanked their fans for their never-ending support and voting for HORI7ON.

They added that it’s really an honor to represent the Philippines in various international shows as it gives the opportunity to introduce the talents of Filipinos in the world.

10. Message to PH ANCHORs

ANCHORs, HORI7ON has messages for you!

MARCUS’ Message:

KIM’s Message:

JEROMY’s message:

VINCI’s Message:

“HORI7ON First Concert: Friend-SHIP Voyage in Manila” is presented by DNM Entertainment and MLD Entertainment. HallyuLife would like to extend its gratitude to them for inviting us to be part of this event.



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