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Unexpected cross-overs: IZ*ONE x ASUS Republic of Gamers

The ROG social media guy is using the company’s massive Twitter page in order to promote IZ*ONE

With everything else ruined by the year 2020, there’s one thing that surely isn’t – the creativity of everyone.

And when IZ*ONE dropped their latest music video for “Panorama”, it was spotted that the official ROG Global YouTube account has commented something like a true fan would do – “explodes in happiness“, as with the screenshot above.

ROG (which stands for Republic of Gamers) and is owned by the computer hardware giant ASUS, is known for its premium, high-end gaming computer hardware and accessories. It was surprising for many to see that the official accounts were used for something like this – not really bad in my opinion but a widely bold move considering that ROG and IZ*ONE doesn’t have any active commercial deals, YET.

So here’s the story:

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One fan on Twitter posted this tweet, saying that ROG be better giving Eunbi a gaming PC set or a gaming laptop for her to play the popular game “Maplestory”. The cute interaction continued when the ROG social media man replied the following:

Days after, the ROG account replied on the tweet with a hint that something might be coming for IZ*ONE:

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And as the IZ*ONE official account posted a photo of Eunbi holding her very own ROG Zephyrus G14 White, ASUS ROG retweeted the post as well (as a sort of confirmation, I guess)

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The laptop in question was priced from US$1,333, although that could get higher depending on the specs, which remained a secret although you can refer to their website for the available variants.

It also appears that the ROG social media guy is Yuri-biased – well, if she ain’t your bias, I guess she’s your bias-wrecker, lol.

When asked by the fans how about the other 11 members, the ROG social media guy responded with this:

Assuming that the company knows about this by letting the tweets to stay, are they one of the biggest WIZ*ONEs?

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