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WATCH: MOMOLAND drops ballad song ‘Love Is Only You’ with ERIK from Vietnam

Sweet-sounding collab!

MOMOLAND goes on a different tune on their new special single with Vietnamese artist ERIK titled ‘Love Is Only You’.

Featuring a relaxing musical vibe and arrangement, ‘Love Is Only You’ highlights the acting skills of MOMOLAND members as well as the amazing vocal mix of the girl group and ERIK.

Excluding members Daisy and Taeha (both are currently taking off from group promotions), the track is comprised by the seven members and is composed by Duble Sidekick.

The group, meanwhile, is also kicking off their Japanese promotions once again on May 10 with the release of the Japanese version of ‘I’m So Hot.’ –

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What do you think of MOMOLAND and ERIK’s new song?


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