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WOODZ drops a bop music video for ‘Bump Bump’

WOODZ reveals a new side of him in this bop, carefree MV!

Solo idol singer Cho Seungyoun a.k.a WOODZ drops a bop music video for his latest track ‘Bump Bump’ on November 17th.

The rising idol just released his second mini-album entitled ‘WOOPS!’ with six tracks including the main track ‘Bump Bump’, ‘방아쇠’ (Trigger), ‘내 맘대로’ (On my own), ‘Thanks To’, ‘Sweater’ featuring Jamie, and ‘Tide’.

On November 11th, he released the MV teaser for Bump Bump, revealing a fresh, carefree side of him.

WOODZ also unveiled some Halloween themed concept photos for his mini-album.

On the day of its release, he also held a live online showcase where he performed some of the tracks in the album.



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