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Is Girls’ Generation hinting us with a comeback soon?

Just comeback, please.

Girls’ Generation might have hints that there might be a comeback for the girl group this year.

On February 11, Seohyun posted on her Instagram story of a photo of a stream with a caption that caught every SONE’s attention.

The thing…

That everyone is waiting and waiting for..

Soon ? You know what it is, right~??

-Seohyun’s IG Story on February 11 (@seojuhyun_s)

Fans may be wondering if she was talking about her upcoming drama ‘Hello Dracula’ which is set to air on February 17 but, she clarified that she was not referring to the drama she starred to, the next day.

That thing isn’t Ji Anna

-Seohyun’s IG Story on February 12 (@seojuhyun_s)

She may be talking about her upcoming schedules in the future but there are also posts that may hint to their comeback.

On February 10, Taeyeon also posted on her Instagram Story a video of her and her pet Zero, but keen-eyed fans noticed something at the background which seemed to be a room with acoustic panels of a recording studio.

If it’s confirmed true, it may be that she is recording a new solo music but, on the same day, she posted a picture with a caption “S♡NE I Miss You” with a quick response from Yoona saying, “Me too”.

On February 1, Hyoyeon also posted a photo on Instagram with a caption, translated as “Hyonnie is missing all of you too” and Yuri responded “Me toooo”.

However, don’t get your hopes up yet till further announcements.

Girls’ Generation last made their comeback in July 2017 and is in indefinite hiatus since then after Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun decided to part ways with SM Entertainment to focus on their solo careers. However, a sub-unit called Oh!GG debuted on September 2018 which composed of five members (Sunny, Taeyeon, Yoona, Yuri and Hyoyeon) who decided to renew their contracts with SM Entertainment. –

Eljay Reyes and Bryan Snow contributed to this article.



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