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WATCH: Kim Yohan drops a cute MV for his solo track ‘No More’

Its addictive and charming melody will get stuck in your head!

Kim Yohan finally dropped the music video for his solo track ‘No More’ on August 25th.

The digital song, which tells about waiting for someone’s reply or answer, is a cute track with a charming bop vibe.

It is revealed to be produced by Zion.T, and Yohan himself participated in writing the lyrics.

The idol also showed his clean vocals, rap and cute choreography that anyone can surely follow.

Kim Yohan is expected to debut with OUI Entertainment’s new boy group, ‘WEi’, together with Kim Dong Han, Jang Dae Hyun, Kang Seok Hwa, and two newly added members Yoo Yongha and Kim Junseo on a later date.


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