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How to be a responsible K-Pop fan?

It’s not just about buying music and merchandises legitimately

Whoever you like on K-Pop, being a responsible fan is a really important task. It is not just about buying their musics, albums or merchandises legitimately, but also extending to physical and online interactions within the community. Whatever your case belongs to, here are the things that you should remember to be a responsible K-Pop fan.

Have some respect

One word, RESPECT. In this super-complex industry, you thought to yourself that you know what your favorite idols are feeling when they see their fans, but no, you actually didn’t. Idols are humans, too, and are vulnerable of physical and emotional constraints that might affect their ability to give you what you wanted.

Idols are humans, too

As with every human being, idols are not toys. Give them some space, privacy, and respect their opinions and actions too. The industry is moving on a fast pace, and idols tend to be overworking just to catch up. No need to bash anyone or take the fault out on another fandom and start an unintended fan war, because believe me, all of them doesn’t end great.

When they arrive on a certain place, be peaceful enough so that they won’t be stressed and that they don’t have a bad impression of the place and their fans. If they’re caught dating someone else, respect that – they should be able to fall in love and date, too.

Do not start fan wars nor engage in one

Never ever dare to compare one group or artist to another

Don’t be a kid. Belittling other groups’ fans is a thing that isn’t good even in your idols’ eyes. What they’ll get in return is the loss of respect because of the fact that they weren’t able to control their fans about bashing one another in the internet.

Fan wars, as we have said earlier, doesn’t end well at all costs, and gives a bad reputation to the parties who are involved as always. If you don’t want the fandom to be labeled as ‘toxic’, then stop making or engaging into fan wars. Never ever dare to compare one group or artist to another. They might be revolving on the same industry, but most of them do work in a different manner.

Comment moderately and maturely

When you happen to land on an article about your favorite or a K-Pop artist that you’re following, make sure to engage into the discussion maturely. Do not post a comment that will ignite the fire and make the discussion go awry. Yes, we might want that engagement, but that wasn’t good to see at all.

If you have something to say, think multiple times before saying that on social media – who knows, the idols might be able to read them themselves.

Avoid spreading out baseless rumors, and make sure you only feed your K-Pop thirst with articles from reliable sources, you know, such as HallyuLife.

Buy their legitimate albums, merchandises & digital music than pirating

Yes, being a K-Pop fan is expensive

The sales of their albums, merchandises and digital music streams or purchases, as you all know, matter in their work as an artist. Aside from the fact that they are counting towards charts such as Hanteo and Gaon (which are award giving bodies and regulators), they also show the hard work of an artist and the company.

Yes, being a K-Pop fan is expensive, but to gradually support your favorite artist and make sure you can see them in the long run, buying their merchandises surely helps.


So, what does it takes to be a responsible K-Pop fan? If you think we forget something, please put it down on the comments section!



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