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From debut to breakthrough artists: How did MOMOLAND managed to captivate Filipino hearts?

From rookies to being breakthrough K-Pop artists on another country

If you’re not living under the rock, perhaps you might have heard of MOMOLAND and their song ‘Bboom Bboom’, which already earned the ‘dance craze’ status in the Philippines.

The K-Pop girl group previously went to the country for their first-ever fan-meeting, and have recorded a record-breaking number of attendees for a K-Pop act fan-meeting in the country of around 5,000 people, not including fans which weren’t able to join due to conflicting schedules.


But how did exactly the group achieve this popularity in the country?

Their song Bboom Bboom was a dance craze all-over the country.

Numerous dance challenge videos of Filipinos and even celebrities dancing to Bboom Bboom have gone viral to the point that the origin of the first video being viral wasn’t traceable already.

Here’s a compilation video of Filipino celebrities dancing to Bboom Bboom:


And here is a viral video of ‘guys’ doing the Bboom Bboom dance challenge:


Some of the members are individually popular due to their visuals, especially Nancy, who is dubbed to resemble popular actress Liza Soberano

This was perhaps the start of all. When a photo of Nancy and actress Liza Soberano’s comparison went viral online, netizens were in mixed opinions.

And while Nancy is individually popular because of her cuteness and visual, other members such as Yeonwoo, Daisy, and Ahin are also individually popular due to their visuals, too, and the latter two’s ability to speak in English and a bit of Filipino, which the Filipinos would understand, also added points into the mix.

They got featured on some TV programs and interviewed by popular Philippine TV shows

Viral things in the Philippines are usually making its rounds on primetime magazine shows such as Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho and Rated K, where MOMOLAND was featured numerous of times. The group also went on to the noon-time show ‘It’s Showtime!’ on ABS-CBN, where they did promote their upcoming fan-meeting last December.

MOMOLAND’s interview in Magazine Show RATED K!


With these shows’ massive reaches and followings, MOMOLAND surely got more popular in the country, reaching even rural areas who don’t usually access social media and only have their entertainment on TV.

Their songs are catchy, after all

Of course, earning this status in a country where the lyrics weren’t understandable by many (it’s in Korean, after all) is a serious feat in itself. Many K-Pop songs that became popular in the country shared the same formula of being popular – becoming a dance craze, being popularized and over-used on television shows and videos online, and having a catchy progression and mix of music elements.


Their songs are surely penetrating Filipino hearts and probably that’s one of the reason why many of them dance to MOMOLAND.

They know how to really return the love

At their fan-meeting, MOMOLAND has simply done the best tribute to their Filipino fans – singing a song on their language with a real meaning.


The girls sang ‘Salamat’ by Yeng Constantino, labeling it as one of their best surprises for the Philippine merries, and guess what – it even turned non-fans and haters to their fans!



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